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About Us

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Bhutan information Technology Solution (BITS) is professional information technology Services Company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in digital, technology and operations located at Thimphu, Bhutan. BITS is determined to facilitate and enhance the informational technologies accessibility to government agencies, private firm and small industries. With the primary intention of providing various technical solutions through software systems and services, BITS focuses on creating comprehensive technological platform to its clients for up-gradation of their productivity and efficiency. BITS is ambitioned to promote the latest technology implementation in Bhutan through participation in Government tenders, private projects and various other opportunities. Prime focus of BITS will be on software development, consulting and information technological services such as networking infrastructure and creating products that will benefit Bhutan. BITS purpose is to “Enable Online Success” and its vision is to be the leading IT brand in Bhutan.

Vision Statement

BITS responsibility is to bring/create modern technology to enhance functionality of the businesses in the most efficient manner and committed to build a truly sustainable company with values.

Mission Statement

Bhutan Information Technology Solution focuses on designing, developing and deploying the best information technology solutions. BITS strives to foster and maintain positive relationships with each and every client (both internal and external), by providing cutting edge technology services at reasonable and competitive prices.

Core Values

Our Core Values drive and guide us as we serve the nation. As members of ITS, we are committed to:

  1. Client Efficiency Enhancement: BITS mission is to help our clients become high-performance businesses through versatile systems and solutions. We understand our clients’ expectations and strive to achieve superior outcome every time. Our collaboration with our clients is to shape exceptional opportunities and value that can be predicted, measured and adapted.
  1. Heartfelt Service: We give heartfelt service and our people are warm, honest and genuine. Everything we do will say that “we care”. Whatever we’re doing or saying, our customers and colleagues will know that it’s honest, authentic and heartfelt. Everything we do will show that we don’t judge but care.  We will show you that we are honest with you too. We will always be straight-up, and respect who you are and what you do.
  1. Settle for Excellence: We set our goals at the highest level so even if we fall short, we will still be performing at a high level. Our work, practice, and preparation are done with an eye on perfection, regardless of the challenges, personal professional and academic.  There’s no shame in not being perfect, but don’t settle for mediocrity.  Keep working toward that perfect score.
  1. Integrity: We are inspiring trust by acting ethically, taking responsibility and encouraging honest and open debate. Integrity in fundamental expects in every business we conduct and communicate. We prepare and provide complete and accurate financial and other reports and records. We protect the proprietary information and licenses of our clients and others. We protect the client’s confidential information. BITS act in a responsible manner and do not allow personal interests, investments and activities (including those of friends and family members) to conflict with the objective, independent judgment or any other obligation to our clients or the company.
  1. Bridge Creator: We live in a society and every individual’s action has direct impact to the social environment. We ought to bridge the backward society to bring forward to digital market and enable them to play the big role in contribution to the growth of society.